Ad-hoc hourly rate

Our pay-as-you-go tariff enables clients to engage our services under a
completely flexible arrangement with no long term commitments. Clients can use us
on a one off basis or for ad-hoc work, and will only be charged for the time that
has been used. This option is popular with our new clients as it gives them the
opportunity to try out the experience and to decide if it fits with their


Retainer Packages

Our retainer packages enable clients to guarantee the availability of their VA
on a regular basis and are popular for recurring tasks, work which requires more
hours, and work on specific projects.

Our packages are arranged into four package tariffs which offer savings when
compared to our ad-hoc hourly rate:

10 hours per month


20 hours per month


30 hours per month


40 hours per month


Additional Charges





Faxing & Printing


Telephone calls



45p per mile

Other sundries


Receipts/paperwork will be provided with your invoice.


All work is managed using time tracking software and is charged by the minute
pro rata of your chosen product rate.

Payment terms are within 14 days of completion of an assignment.

Prices are quoted in British pounds sterling. For transactions paid using an alternative local currency, the amount payable shall be charged at the prevailing market exchange rate as quoted on the day that the invoice is raised.